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Kirin 985 chip will be mass-produced in the third quarter, but abandoned TSMC InFO process

  According to Digitimes, supply chain sources revealed that Huawei HiSilie will mass-produce the Kirin 985 chip using TSMC's 7nm enhanced process in the third quarter.

According to sources, from the current production progress of wafer test interfaces such as probe cards, Kirin 985 products have entered the design stage. It is expected that the 7nm enhanced wafer test interface will be shipped in large quantities at the end of the second quarter. The overall chip will be in the first stage. The third quarter is ready.

This is also expected to keep up with Huawei's new 5G mobile phone Mate 30 series, which is expected to debut in September and October this year.

It is understood that the Kirin 985 series package uses Flip-Chip Package-on-Package (FC-PoP) process, and most of the large package and test orders are won by ASE.

According to relevant industry sources, Huawei Hisilicon has repeatedly considered to strive to adopt TSMC's advanced technology and integrated fan-out package (InFO) one-stop service mode to compete with Apple's A13 processor in performance. However, due to cost and extra test procedures, it is expected that the Kirin 985 series will not be packaged in TSMC this year. Huawei HiSilicon also hopes to find a balance between cost performance and competitiveness.