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In the past two years, TSMC has taken eight of the world's best! Come see what are there

  At the North American Technology Forum, TSMC pointed out that TSMC has achieved eight industry-leading achievements in advanced technology and packaging technology in the past two years, including leading global mass production of 7nm technology and completing 5nm design infrastructure.

It is understood that TSMC has held the North American Technology Forum for the 25th anniversary. Wei Zhejia said in a press release that TSMC is a trusted technology and capacity provider in the semiconductor industry to help customers release innovation. By working with customers, TSMC's advanced technology has accelerated the innovation of smartphones and continues to advance wireless communications.

Wei Zhejia also pointed out that TSMC's latest 7nm process has become a key technology to promote artificial intelligence, allowing AI to be embedded in many innovative services. Looking ahead, TSMC's 5nm and more advanced process technologies combined with customer innovation will bring an amazing 5G experience and revolutionary artificial intelligence applications to everyday life.

TSMC said that in the past two years, there have been eight industry-leading achievements in the fields of advanced technology, special technology and packaging technology, namely:

1. In 2017, it became the first professional collective circuit manufacturing service company to provide high-performance computing applications with advanced integrated fan-out and substrate (InFO_oS) packaging technology.

2. The first to produce 28nm RF to support 5G millimeter wave components.

3. The first production of optical screen fingerprint sensor technology.

4, the first completed 22nm embedded MRAM technology verification.

5, leading the global mass production 7nm technology.

6, leading the global launch of 7nm automotive platform.

7, leading the global commercial extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technology mass production 7nm.

8. Leading the world in completing the 5nm design infrastructure.