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Toy products gradually become AI! Drive the performance of this IC design company to return

  Toy IC design company Generalplus announced the first quarter earnings report, single-quarter consolidated revenue of 529 million Taiwan dollars (the same unit), annual reduction of 13.4%, operating net profit of 26.69 million yuan, annual reduction of 45%, gross profit margin of 34.9%, after tax The profit was about 32.31 million yuan, a 35% decline from the same period last year, and the after-tax earnings per share was 0.3 yuan.

Generalplus's marketing performance in the first quarter was not as good as expected. After the bankruptcy of American Toys R Us, the sales channels of toy brand factories were limited, and the goods were also conservative. However, the timing is about to enter the MCU, and the European and American toys are big. The trend of the online sales channel of the factory has taken shape, and the strength of pulling goods has been warming up since March.

Generalplus said that although the Sino-US trade war continues to affect the economic climate and consumer confidence, this year's consumer electronics season will be driven by the growth of game consoles, educational toys, and toys around Disney's strong movie.

In addition, Generalplus also expects that wireless charging this year will mainly come from medium power and automotive products, and Apple AirPods's built-in wireless charging box is expected to further drive the market trend, and more applications and products will have built-in wireless charging.

As for the AI ​​application field, as the toys of European and American manufacturers have begun to move toward AI, such as dolls for voice dialogue functions or educational toys, etc., Lingtong has launched new products corresponding to AI, targeting markets in China, the United States and other regions, 32 The MCU shipment performance has gradually increased.